The very best WebOS fartware available

  • Two interactive modes
    Play a fart immediately with "Fart Now", or set a "Time Bomb" and prank your friends
  • Lots of farts!
    31 hilarious and disgusting farts with excellent sound quality. Professionally recorded broadcast-grade farts, not just something recorded in the can.
    We make it easy to set the WebOS media volume (just press the volume keys while the app is running)
  • Tight WebOS Integration
    UltraFart makes use of the multitasking nature of WebOS to deliver the best fart app experience. The app looks and behaves like a WebOS app should, and allows you to set more effective prank traps by using WebOS alarms to allow "Time Bombs" to go off even when the app has already been closed, or even if the phone is locked (it will wake up to play the fart)


UltraFart can be your own personal fartmachine, for just one buck.

Links to App store coming very soon!


For support, please email support@loudapps.com

Please include the phone model that you are using, along with the description of your problem