Fartbot 3000

The very best Android fartware available

There's a lot of hot air in the fartware market. Our app stinks less.

  • Three interactive modes
    Play a fart immediately with "Fart Now", set a "Time Bomb", or go to "Fart Shaker" motion sensitive mode and set your trap!*
  • Fart on command via SMS
    Just set the SMS recieving capability on, and text the word "fartbot" to the recipient's phone to let one rip. You can even select the fart to play by including its name in the SMS, like "fartbot atomic blast"
  • Lots of farts!
    31 hilarious and disgusting farts with excellent sound quality. Professionally recorded broadcast-grade farts, not just something recorded in the can.
    We automatically crank the volume to maximum before playing, so your farts will be heard.
  • Tight Android Integration - Platform exclusive features.
    Developed from the ground-up for Android's multitasking, this app has all kinds of features you won't find in fartware on other phones.
    The "Time Bomb" works even with the Fartbot app closed and the phone in "off/standby" mode, the "Fart Shaker" mode works with the Fartbot app closed and the phone locked*, and SMS farts work whenever the phone has reception no matter which application is running.
    All the modes send notifications to the system notification tray.
    Try any of that with a the "one app at a time" iPhone!
  • *Motion sensitive "Fart Shaker" mode only works with phones with accelerometers, like the T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream.


Fartbot 3000 can be your own personal fartbot, for just one buck.

Android phone users: click here to visit the market and buy now.

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